Value Your Trade

Value Your Trade with Shea Chevrolet

If you’re tired of dealing with repairs on your current vehicle, you may be considering a replacement. Before you start searching for a newer model, you may want to find out what your vehicle is worth. At Shea Chevrolet, we offer our Value Your Trade tool that allows you to know exactly what you will get for your vehicle with no hassle and no negotiating.

Value Your Trade Online

You can find out how much your vehicle is worth from the comfort of your home. Just visit our website and enter some information about your vehicle. The more information you give us, the more accurate the offer.

Once you input the information, you’ll receive a cash offer. This offer is the same no matter what vehicle you buy or if you decide not to buy at all. We’ll pay cash for your vehicle even if you don’t buy from us.

The offer you get will depend on the value of your vehicle at the time. Value can change based on market conditions and demand for your particular model. Once you receive the offer, it will stay the same when you bring it in for the trade as long as the information provided was accurate. We’ll verify the information and present you with a check, or you can use the money towards a trade-in for one of our new Chevrolet models or pre-owned vehicles.

Reasons to Value Your Trade

Why should you Value Your Trade instead of selling to a private party? With a private party, you never know how much someone is willing to pay for your vehicle. Most buyers are looking for a good deal, so you may find it difficult to get the price you want for your car, truck, or SUV.

You also must deal with the hassles of advertising your vehicle and having numerous buyers come to look at it and take it for a test drive. All that work and you don’t even know if they will decide to buy it.

When you Value Your Trade, you get a fair offer based on the condition and market. You know how much you will receive with no haggling. You can take the offer in cash or use it as a trade-in. The amount won’t change based on which model you decide to buy. If you’re financing a newer vehicle, the amount will come off the price, so you have less to pay on a loan.

Find Your Next Vehicle at Shea Chevrolet

Once you find out how much your vehicle is worth, you can decide on what you want to buy to replace it. Shea Chevrolet carries a large selection of new and used vehicles to fit every budget. From the high-end trucks and sports cars to the affordable used cars and SUVs, we have something for everyone.

Start by valuing your trade and getting pre-approved for a car loan. Visit Shea Chevrolet to test drive your preferred model. Let us help you get out of your vehicle and into a new or newer model that you will enjoy.